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By admin 24 Jun 2013 06:20 AM Tag: Latest 0 comments, leave your own!

J.Cole Mad At "1 Listen Reviews"

J.Cole Mad At
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Let the church say “Amen.” Or is J. Cole preaching to the choir with his recent series of tweets blasting critics?

Early Wednesday morning, Cole briefly spoke on how critics and first week sales projections are “fucking up hip hop.” The Roc Nation artist said that “1 listen reviews” and people focusing on figures are ruining the art and music but “The PEOPLE are saving hip hop.”

Any validity to Cole’s statements?

I’d say so.

With everyone in a rush to be “first,” critics and fans alike tend to breeze through albums months in the making with a cursory listen done in a matter of minutes. To do so is unfair and neglectful to the artists and their respective works. Unless the project is completely grating to the ears, most any album, “street album,” EP, etc. deserves multiple listens over several days, and in some cases, several weeks. Let it marinate a bit. Learn the lyrics. Hear all of the sounds there are to hear. And it doesn’t hurt to play the album through different mediums, but most fans give projects a run-through using computer speakers or earbuds, cheating themselves and the music.

But we all know that in our microwave culture, NC MC’s tweets and these words will most likely be lost in the shuffle in lieu of the next Drake meme, hot new mp3 or freebie EP.

Check out the Cole’s tweets below.

j cole twitter fuck critics

Spotted: HHW

Read more:  http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/06/j-cole-addresses-critics-twitter#ixzz2X7yWSo98


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